Friday, April 21, 2017

How Many Miracle Testimonies
Does It Take 
For You To Have Faith?

The following sites and videos are just a few testimonies of the many thousands of people healed from all over the world by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. You will not find this level of instant miracle healing with new age, yoga, or in the name of Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha or Moses. It's all happening in the name of Jesus Christ!

John Mellor - Healing Ministry
Numerous healings of all kinds here

X-Ray verified broken bone
healed in Jesus name!

WOW! Amazing miracle healing
documentaries on video here,
medical record verified!

Girl healed of skin disease

The miracle healing of cerebral palsy/Marlene Klepees,  thru the Lord Jesus Christ before and after results!

Blind man healed

Christ gives Muslim man his hearing back.

Healed from wheelchair
after 22 years paralyzed.

Raised from the dead
Hospital Doctor tells all

Numerous healing testimonies here